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If you’re in emotional or physical pain—or you feel fine but want to feel fantastic—we’re here for you. At Your Best is Taos’s one stop, whole-being wellness shop, offering life coaching and therapeutic massage.

Our unique, two-hour Synergy Session is also an incredible way to experience the combined benefits of a brain and a body massage.

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Rob Strickland

Brain Massage

Rob Strickland

Become who you aspire to be.  Awaken. Heal. Thrive.

Body Massage

Genny O’Herron

Whether you’re seeking deep relaxation or pain relief, every At Your Best massage is customized to meet your needs.

Genevieve O’Herron, LMT #8533

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We are committed to keeping you safe

1. Sanitize

We sanitize all shared spaces thoroughly between clients.

2. Masks

We are happy to wear a mask upon request for your protection.

3. Cancelling

Appointments are cancelled at no charge if you have COVID-19, COVID-19 related symptoms, or are feeling ill.